Mooon Bears

Some good news today on the Al Jazeera network; a report that South Korea plans to make the farming of “bile bears” illegal, starting in 2026. The Asian black bear – also known as a moon bear or white-chested bear – is traditionally characterized as “mountain man” (yamaotoko). Being a largely solitary creature, the moonContinue reading “Mooon Bears”

2022, Whatchagot?

A kind of Mooonmemory Year-end reflections and new year predictions are flowing freely across the mediums we have now come to call “home.” A quarter century ago, the coming benefits and banes of the Internet were largely unknown and unimaginable to most humans, and today, the slightest ripple in its 24/7 “service” – like anyContinue reading “2022, Whatchagot?”

Lesson Plan: Music Charts

To be honest, I get my weekly dose of mainstream pop music and gossip from a syndicated radio show, Asia Pop 40, hosted by an affable young DJ by the name of Joey Chou. Naturally, the chart is comprised of the most downloaded and streamed songs across the continent, including charts in the Philippines, Vietnam,Continue reading “Lesson Plan: Music Charts”

Ah, Ms. Safka

Stopped at one of those mindless memes on Faceboook (we spell everything with three Os now) that promised to predict the course of someone’s life in the coming year, 2020. Turns out the secret is kept in the title of “the #1 song” on an individual’s 18th birthday. OK, let’s play. First of all, thisContinue reading “Ah, Ms. Safka”

Movie Trailers Go ‘Boom!'(er)

If you seek evidence that Baby Boomers continue to influence the soundtrack of popular culture, look no further than the trailers for two upcoming blockbuster movies, The Matrix Resurrections and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Both are set to songs written and popularized between the years 1966 and 1968, “White Rabbit,” by the Jefferson Airplane,Continue reading “Movie Trailers Go ‘Boom!'(er)”