TP (ain’t talking ’bout Tom Petty)

In the early days of Josephmooon, Ronan suggested MANY ideas for “branded products,” from the fantastic (jetliners), to the ridiculous (cheese-flavoured toothpaste), to the practical (jackets, shoes, etc.). Of course, Josephmooon toilet paper was on the list. No way, I said. Just reminded of that phase on National Toilet Paper Day [26 August]. So muchContinue reading “TP (ain’t talking ’bout Tom Petty)”

Celebrate International Strange Music Day [24 August]

Truly, there is a “day” for everything, and Josephmooon certainly appreciates the existence of International Strange Music Day [24 August], which encourages us to “switch up our regular playlist for something eccentric and unusual.” My relationship to strange music likely began with traditional artists, specifically the Beatles and Frank Zappa. Fascinated with John Lennon’s relationshipContinue reading “Celebrate International Strange Music Day [24 August]”

RIP, Jimy Sohns, Shadows of Knight

As a young writer for United Press International [UPI], working in HX (the city code for Chicago), there were several opportunities to earn extra income beyond one’s regular hourly shift pay. One was writing reviews for the service’s weekly book section. I once reviewed Kurt Vonnegut’s book, Palm Sunday, and sent a clip off toContinue reading “RIP, Jimy Sohns, Shadows of Knight”

Happy Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day!

Check it out – every 31 July is a special day designed to encourage people to explore uncommon instruments. There are so many! When I looked at the list, I noticed that a few already have a favored home in the Josephmooon / Austin, TX DIV., musical equipment room, specifically the hurdy gurdy and shofar.Continue reading “Happy Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day!”

Cliff Johnson, RIP

“I have a lot of respect for people who put their problems out there,” Cliff Johnson told me in a conversation we had in 2011 (for a now-defunct website called Rocking Chicagoland), to celebrate the release of a solo career retrospective called, Razors and Rose Petals. “I draw strength from being in a dark place.Continue reading “Cliff Johnson, RIP”

Mad Dog and the Barber

Here at Josephmooon HQ/Thailand Div., we’ve spent the last six weeks preparing for a pair of performances of an obscure 1970s musical comedy titled, Marg Szkaluba (Pissy’s Wife). Written by Canadian Ron Chambers, with songs by Paul Morgan Donald, Marg Szkaluba (Pissy’s Wife) was presented by Australian radio vet and actress Wendy Herbert (with guitarContinue reading “Mad Dog and the Barber”

Get A Clewley

Every other Tuesday, the Bangkok Post publishes a music column by John Clewley, an informed and informative journalist and occasional DJ. He regularly features the Transglobal World Music Chart, highlighting the releases that most tickle his discerning ears. Regrettably, as he points out, the May 2022 Top 20 chart features just one Asian artist, fromContinue reading “Get A Clewley”

“‘Banjo on My Knee’ is a fine track.”

“There’s something really uplifting and special about the music of Josephmooon,” says Stewart Griffin. “‘Banjo on My Knee’ is a fine track.” Songs from Rocky Head Studios, Part 1. Ian Nice, Crane, Josephmooon, Tony Marrinan, Tim Nicolai. by radio7stewart Brand new Josephmooon music, “Banjo on my Knee,” in a world exclusive on Radio7Stewart. The bandContinue reading ““‘Banjo on My Knee’ is a fine track.””