Here’s the story.

Early in 2020, as a pandemic encouraged people around the world to “stay home,” Josephmooon was created as a stage name and music project for the lyrics by Ronan Boren.

Ronan, 15 years old, is autistic, and his imagination is vast, as revealed in the songs featured on the debut Josephmooon album, “So Far So Good,” released on October 1, 2021 on all digital download and streaming platforms.

“I’m a big fan of Josephmooon and all the great work that’s being done by Ronan Boren and Bill Paige.”

The Cockney Rebel Connections Show 121. Autumn Days in The Hideaway Shed. by radio7stewart
Josephmooon: So Far So Good

Track Listing

  • Floats Boat
  • One Word
  • Long Ago
  • Up All Night
  • Out Of Tune
  • Captolea
  • Busybodies
  • High In The Sky
  • Cost Time
  • Reusable Money
  • Check For
  • So Far So Good

The lyrics are Ronan’s, edited and set to music by his music teacher, Bill Paige. The recordings were created at Rocky Head Studios in Hua Hin, Thailand, where Bill currently lives. Joining the Josephmooon team to make the music are the studio proprietors – Ronnie Nice, 17 years old, who has framed the songs with a fresh but familiar rock aesthetic, playing guitars, bass, drums, and producing. He has been taught well by his father, Ian Nice, a respected U.K. studio musician and solo artist who has recorded his own version of the Josephmooon song, “Every Right Now.”

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Neurodiversity rocks! This blog is designed to share the adventures of Josephmooon, past, present, and future as we make rock ‘n’ roll and inclusive education.

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“A smashing album of excellent music and excellent songs.”

What’s New ? October 2021. by radio7stewart

There’s something really uplifting and special about the music of Josephmooon.

Songs from Rocky Head Studios, Part 1. Ian Nice, Crane, Josephmooon, Tony Marrinan, Tim Nicolai. by radio7stewart

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These anonymously cited folks really made our day when they shared their feedback.

I’ve listened to Josephmooon over and over. Reusable Money makes me laugh.

We’ve been jamming out to the Josephmooon album this weekend! Great music to clean to!

Ronan’s work is incredible. I love it. Not only the finished product but the whole story. I’m going to share it as an example of what’s possible. Our platforms (in public education) are so limiting. I love how this illustrates the power in our children and what happens when we unleash their genius.

Brilliant! These songs have the power to enlighten people, broaden minds serendipitously. Great lyrics and accompanying music.

I’ve shared it. More people should hear it!

It’s really good! I am enjoying their music!!!!!