A Topical Song

This morning, I woke up and flipped on the BBC Radio News feed, as is my routine. You know, just to make sure the planet hadn’t exploded during the night. The announcer recited the phrase “coup in Waga-doo-goo,” and I said to myself, “there’s gotta be a song there.”

So, here it is, “A Topical Song.” [not a Josephmooon collaboration]

But, where in the world is Waga-doo-doo?

Of course, the news report was about military actions currently developing in Burkina-Faso’s capital city, Ouagadougou. If last year’s coup in Myanmar offers any example, this takeover has the potential to impact the lives of countless Africans already belaboured by myriad survival issues, from famine to tribal warfare.

But it’s just the latest hot spot on the globe.

A Topical Song       

They got a coup in Ouagadougou

Unrest in Ukraine, Syria an the Middle East

You know it’s not hard to explain

The world’s a mess there’s no dispute

And who will take my bet?

I’ve got a quarter of a bitcoin says

We ain’t seen nothing yet

Let’s talk about the planet

The icebergs melting fast

Ya got polar bears carrying signs that say, “We ain’t gonna last”

The power grid infrastructure sure could use repair

‘Cuz when I turn on the radio my music’s never there

Well the world’s on fire

And one thing you should know

You gotta have hope

If you want to sur-vive

Yeah the world’s on fire

One day it’s gonna blow

So strap on in for the ride of your life

There’s way too many billionaires

Oh, how they like to laugh

The One Percenters own the mine and we all get the shaft

Let’s send ‘em all into outer space, right where they belong

As soon as they pay a living wage

For streaming this here song


Disposable is what we are

Swallowed up by plastic

Tryin’ not to choke on our own smoke

Might get rather drastic

Lost in the supply chain

Lost identity

Lost respect for those who lie and spread hypocrisy


Yeah, the world’s on fire

But this I gotta say

Can’t help but thinkin’

Although the clock is tickin’

That maybe, maybe, maybe someday

Everything will be OK.

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