So Far So Good

Here’s the story.

Early in 2020, as a pandemic encouraged people around the world to “stay home,” Josephmooon was created as a stage name and music project for the lyrics by Ronan Boren.

Ronan is autistic, and his imagination is vast, as revealed in the songs featured on the debut Josephmooon album, “So Far So Good,” released on October 1, 2021.

Track Listing

  • Floats Boat
  • One Word
  • Long Ago
  • Up All Night
  • Out Of Tune
  • Captolea
  • Busybodies
  • High In The Sky
  • Cost Time
  • Reusable Money
  • Check For
  • So Far So Good


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The lyrics are Ronan’s, edited and set to music by his music teacher, Bill Paige. The recordings were created at Rocky Head Studios in Hua Hin, Thailand, where Bill currently lives. Joining the Josephmooon team to make the music are the studio proprietors – Ronnie Nice, 17 years old, who has framed the songs with a fresh but familiar rock aesthetic, playing guitars, bass, drums, and producing. He has been taught well by his father, Ian Nice, a respected U.K. studio musician and solo artist.

To provide a bit more background, the owner of Rocky Head Studios is Ian Nice, a respected British studio musician, formerly of the band Cockney Rebel, which is fronted by his brother, Steve Harley. The sound of “So Far So Good” was largely crafted by his 17-year-old son, Ronnie, who plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. Ian also graciously added some piano and backing vocals. They are also rightly credited as producers.

[Ian and Ronnie also recorded the Josephmooon song, “Every Right Now”(originally titled “Something Good”), which can be found on their “Love Revolution” album. As a result, we left the Josephmooon version off of the album. A vault track!]

We also invited a couple of Thai guitarist friends, Khun Ar and Khun Tor, to add their fine fretwork to the album, and for that we thank Athid Tanom (“Captolea”) and Worakan Wattanapintu, (“Cost Time” and “One Word”).

For the cover, Ronan thought of a broken pencil. Since rock ‘n’ roll is all about influences, we asked graphic designer Amy Bennick to model the pencil after another iconic album cover, “Andy Warhol,” by the Velvet Underground, referencing the banana image designed by Warhol himself.

  • Ronan Boren, all lyrics
  • Bill Paige, vocals, guitar
  • Ronnie Nice, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, programming
  • Ian Nice, piano, keyboards, backing vocals

Additional guitars by Athid Tanom on “Captolea,”
and Worakan Wattanapintu on “Cost Time” and “One Word.”

Produced by Ronnie Nice and Ian Nice, Rocky Head Productions
Engineered by Ronnie Nice
Mixed and Mastered by Ronnie Nice and Ian Nice
Recorded at Rocky Head Studios, Hua Hin, Thailand

Amy Bennick, illustration and design



Lyrics are available as a PDF book.

Lyrics are also reproduced below.

Floats Boat

Is there something you’re not telling me
You’re not telling me what floats your boat
It can be anything you want it to be
Only you can decide what floats your boat

Let me tell you what floats my boat
It’s writing songs that change the world
Maybe just a little bit I said just a little bit
Can you please tell me what floats your boat
That’s all I want to know

Is there something you’re not telling me
It’s up to you

Maybe I can help you float your boat
We’ll write a song to sing along
And let it float away let it float away
Anything can float your boat
That’s all I want you to tell me
So everyone can see

One Word

I see a word in my dreams
In my dreams when I’m asleep
When I’m asleep I’m dreaming of you
Dreaming of you

One word to say to you
To you and you and you and you
One word to say to you
Just one word

I’ve not said the word to you
Afraid that you might say it too
When there’s a full moon in the sky
In the light of the night

With my lips kissing your lips
I know you want to hear the word

Now it’s time to say the word
Love love love (love love love)
My whole world is love for you
Deep in love with you
One word one word love

Long Ago

Long ago everything was still
Waiting for today to happen
Long ago is long ago
Or right now right now don’t you know

Long ago forever in the past
Long ago never can be changed
Pointless to be going back in time
So long ago so long long long ago

One chance to travel back in time
For days or weeks or months or years
Today is all but long ago
So won’t you come to me right now

Some things look so easy
But we can’t go back, no we can’t go back
When it’s not so easy you are not alone

So won’t you come to me right now
Right now right now maybe someday
Long ago is long ago
Now is now and not forever

Up All Night

I’m staying up all night
All night all night that’s not right
Staying up all night
That’s what I’ve been doing

Up all night all night all night
Try to stay out of sight in the daytime
I do it a lot

I have been up all night all night all night
That’s not right alright that what I like to do
Well I sleep when it’s day and stay up all night

You can go with or without me
It’s up to you
I’ve been up all night
Up all night all night all night
I sleep when it’s day like I said when its light
Not a lot of the time
Most of the time

I have been up all night all night all night
And that’s alright alright that’s what I like to do
Well I sleep when it’s day and stay up all night
Until it feels alright

Stay out of sight
That’s how I write
Staying up all night
That’s what I do
How about you

Out of Tune

Lately I’ve been feeling out of tune out of tune
I don’t know why but I would like to know why
And I want to get back in tune
Out of tune that’s what I am

Being out of tune pains my head
(can’t get out of bed)
Hurts from being out of tune and
I just so want to get back in tune
Out of tune that’s what I am out of tune

When I get back in tune
My good days will come back and I’ll feel better
If you’re feeling out of tune like I am now
Get back in tune like I said

I will get back in tune
But I don’t know when
(hopefully soon)
I know it could take time
But let’s make it happen
I’m back in tune
Back in tune that’s what I am
Back in tune
In tune back in tune


Stay inside said Sheriff Carroll
He looks frightened so I’m holding tight
In my house with a double barrel
Ready to shoot Captolea dead on sight

Oh no there’s Captolea
He’s a killer with a gun and a knife
Stay away from him
Don’t say anything to him
I don’t want to die

Captolea’s outside my house
And he’s not looking away
From anyone inside
Now he’s walking away

Yes I know this and surely you do too
Just wait for it to come true
He’s done being a killer soon
Captolea is in jail


Run away run away
Beware of busybodies
They are everywhere

Beware of busybodies
They just want to know everything
They ask questions yeah
Way too many questions so

Beware of busybodies
If you see them keep hiding
In a bunker if you find one
Beware of busybodies

They are in a lot of places
There they are right there and there
Talking trash about me and probably about you too
Run away, stay away

Now listen here busybodies
I’ve got something to say to you
Go away and don’t come back
We don’t want you busybodies

Go away stay away
We don’t want you busybodies
You’re not anywhere

High in the Sky

I am high up in the sky
Way above the Northern lights
On the way to the moon
Far above the stars
High up in the sky

Life is never too long
But life can be too short
With people dropping bombs all over the world
From high up in the sky
High up in the sky

I’m in the sky now, for just as long as I need to be
Almost to the moon that’s my destiny

When I get back we’ll talk about it then
And I can’t wait to see you again my friend
High up in the sky

Cost Time

Everything costs time everything
Everything costs time yes it does

Costs time getting out of bed
Doctor says you got your head in the fog
Got to cook and eat your food
Costs time to walk your dog

Costs time no matter what you do
Take a shower and get in the pool
Drive a car hang out with your friends
Go back in time or forward again

Some things take a lot of time
And some things don’t take too long
Just depends on what you do
Write a letter or sing this song, sing along

Reusable Money

Reusable money that’s what I got
Use it every day and I never run out
I spent 10 dollars I still got that 10 dollars
Feels so good, that’s how I get around the world

Reusable money is my precious yes it is
Use it every day for whatever I want
I can’t run out I always have enough money
And it’s really not an option that’s how I get around the world

I buy stuff with reusable money
I know you don’t have it but I do and I use it
Like I said it is the best thing in the world
And it’s up to me that’s how I get around the world

Can buy all the plane tickets that I want
I use my money over and over
All First Class, yeah ‘cuz I can buy those tickets
Can’t run out of money, that’s how I get around the world

I am going to spend as much as I can
On whatever I can fit In my back yard
It’ll be so much fun
Feel free to join in but you will have to pay
And I know you do not have any

You ask me why I cannot say
I guess it’s always been this way
I spent 10 dollars still got that same 10 dollars
And it feels so good that’s how I get around the world

Check For

Check check for you my friend
Check it once check it twice
I’m in a good mood what about you
Just a piece of cloudy ice

Check check check over here
Ain’t nobody got nothin’ to say
Check for a deep pool a deep deep pool
Check for a cold day a very cold day

The Stone Age should’ve made me strong
Banging on rocks all day long
Ain’t got no money, just got this song
Waiting for someone to sing along

Check for the top, the top of us all
Check for a flag but not a flag that is cruel
Check for the guitar I’m playing right now
Check for the rule ‘cuz it’s a good rule

In the Stone Age I did not belong
On my computer all day long
Ain’t got no money then move along
Unless you want to help me sing my song

Check check for you my friend
Check it once then we’ll check it twice ‘cuz
It’s a cold day a very cold day
And you’re some very cloudy ice

So Far So Good

So far so good
I hope it stays like this forever
So far so good
But the wolf is at my door

Sky is glowing blue and green
As I look out the window
My love’s next to me
One is two I know and not just that
So far so good
With a wig on my head

There are no fences no corral around me
Like there maybe always sometimes should be
In the morning I am writing this song
So far so good
I think that’s what it might be called

I like my way want to keep it that way
For as long as I live
Precious to us all to be alive
So far so good
In this world of time