A Mooonmemory Special Edition This week marks the 14th anniversary of a unique event designed to celebrate the concept that EVERYONE can make music. After all, that was the goal of our “Exceptional Saturdays” group in Texas – to fashion a creative space where anyone could express themselves in voice or on any “instrument” thatContinue reading “Bangin’”

Hurdy Gurdy, man.

Synchronicity. Not just the title of a hit-laden album by The Police, but a concept defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” In a recent session, Ronan asked about the hurdy gurdy. He’d heard about this instrument, but did not know what it was, orContinue reading “Hurdy Gurdy, man.”

and eat it too

Here in the Kingdom, it is mooncake season. In Thai language, khanom yue bing, the confection represents abundance, wholeness, and fulfillment. For three millennia, Chinese people have baked this traditional dessert to celebrate the autumn harvest. This year, September 21 marks the Full Moon of the eighth Chinese lunar month, or Harvest Moon. From aContinue reading “and eat it too”

Not ready for a closeup

As the two principals of Josephmooon live roughly 15,000 km or 9,300 miles, apart from one another, certain logistical dynamics must be addressed. For the moment, our interactions are strictly via email and weekly Zoom sessions that typically go on for at least 90 minutes. There is no prospect of forming a live band toContinue reading “Not ready for a closeup”