The Most Important Book I’ve Ever Read (And it’s not even a “book.”)

When I was 17 or 18 years old, I purchased an early edition (not the first, which was published in 1968, but a later edition published in 1971) of the Whole Earth Catalog, edited by Stewart Brand. The magazine’s stated purpose was this: We are as gods and might as well get good at it.Continue reading “The Most Important Book I’ve Ever Read (And it’s not even a “book.”)”

Song Requests

Here’s my hot take on folks who make song requests at live music venues. It’s about control. [This is not a scientific analysis.] Some people, I have observed, need to feel “in charge” of their environment. Sometimes this pathology results in aggressive and unreasonable demands being made on the staff or kitchen (if we areContinue reading “Song Requests”

International Ukulele Day

A Mooonmemory Happy International Ukulele Day! Such a versatile instrument. Wish I knew how to play one. In 1984 (the actual year, kids, not an Orwellian metaphor), I was invited to contribute to the “U” edition of Op Magazine; well, that is, after pestering the editor, John Foster, to do so almost since the magazine’sContinue reading “International Ukulele Day”

Mooon Bears

Some good news today on the Al Jazeera network; a report that South Korea plans to make the farming of “bile bears” illegal, starting in 2026. The Asian black bear – also known as a moon bear or white-chested bear – is traditionally characterized as “mountain man” (yamaotoko). Being a largely solitary creature, the moonContinue reading “Mooon Bears”