not even almost a little bit ‘famous’

My young songwriting partner in Josephmooon, Ronan, is consistently interested in how we can get more “famous.” “Is so- and-so famous?” he will ask about almost anyone. Sometimes the answer is easy, but there’s a lot of grey area. If I bring up Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy as an example of a songwriter who is knownContinue reading “not even almost a little bit ‘famous’”

stamina, accuracy

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games offered a delightful distraction to the day’s overarching situation – especially the spellbinding visuals displayed at the opening and closing ceremonies. To this viewer, the combined effect of lighting, projection, pyrotechnics, drones, and music, appeared magical and mystical. I know, technology, but still, heart and soul always must exist inContinue reading “stamina, accuracy”