Ronan Boren

Tell me a little about yourself-what do you like to do in your free time and what are you most passionate about?

Well, I live in Austin, Texas, with my mom, dad, younger brother, our dog, and sometimes my grandmother lives with us. I’m homeschooled, so I have tutors. I’m 14 years old and going to be 15 years old in October on my birthday. For five years, I’ve asked my mom for a chainsaw for my birthday. She said, “Hell, no,” to the chainsaw.

I don’t like getting searched by airport security. Tomato ketchup grosses me out and I find it disgusting. I also like to pick my nose and spin around in my chair. That’s where I get ideas for songs sometimes. Like I just had an idea for a song called, “You’re In Charge.”

What do you hope listeners gain from hearing some of the songs in this album? 

We just want people to be entertained. “High In The Sky” is one of my favorites because of the melody. And “Out Of Tune,” because it says you can get back in tune, just like a musical instrument. “Reusable Money” is a funny song because who wouldn’t want to have that?

What do you love most about music/songwriting?

You get to choose the topic. That is my favorite part. It’s hard to describe.

What is the most difficult part of the songwriting process?

Sometimes there is not enough to think about so I just write the same words over and over.

What’s something you think non-autistic people misunderstand about autism?


Source: Autism Interview #184: Ronan Boren on Songwriting – Learn From Autistics