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Every other Tuesday, the Bangkok Post publishes a music column by John Clewley, an informed and informative journalist and occasional DJ. He regularly features the Transglobal World Music Chart, highlighting the releases that most tickle his discerning ears. Regrettably, as he points out, the May 2022 Top 20 chart features just one Asian artist, from Tibet – not Thailand.

Oh well, I guess all that “soft power” generated by Milli and Lalisa can be put on ice.

Poster for Danny Boyle’s Pistol.

Clewley’s current column also writes about Czech singer Lenka Lichtenberg’s “haunting” new album featuring poems written by her grandmother from a concentration camp . . . music films by director Steve McQueen (Lover’s Rock) and Danny Boyle (the six-part Pistol) . . . and Calypso Rose’s new recording of “Watina,” with guest guitarist Carlos Santana.

Well worth checking out for some new world beat music recommendations.

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