“All Good Things Come To An End”

(a Shuffle Playlist)

Family Affair – Sly and the Family Stone  

Let It Be Me – Laura Nyro

Stage Door – Peter James

Falling – Roy Orbison

If Only You Were Lonely – Replacements, with Tom Waits

If You Ever – Bobby Whitlock

Open Up The Red Sea – Little Richard

Snoopy Waves – Deerhoof

Night – Bruce Springsteen

It’s About Time – Nick Gravenites

I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight – Jeff Tweedy

The Only Thing I Have To Do – Craig Marshall

Love and Hate – Joan Osborne

Ezra Pound and the Big Wood River – Funeral Bonsai Wedding

The Ultimate Crime – Todd Rundgren

Black Country Woman – Led Zeppelin

Girls Can Tell – The Crystals

Let’s Live For Today – The Grass Roots

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Interested parties are first directed to my memoir, “Everything I Know I Learned From Rock Stars” (Eckhartz Press). While I have taken music therapy classes and read extensively about music’s effect on the brain, I am NOT professionally trained -- just a music lover who recognizes that everyone benefits from music. Giving that gift to special needs youth is highly rewarding, but again, my process is intuitive, not academic. I draw largely on personal experience. I’ve spent most of my 67 years observing a wide world of music, from working as a music critic professionally for 20 years, and holding positions in music companies in the 1970s and 1990s. Since 1990, however, I have focused on learning more about music and improving as a singer, guitarist, and performer, both solo and in ensemble settings.

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